AIM Solo DL GPS datalogger with CAN-RS232 or OBD ECU connection

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AIM Solo DL GPS data logger with RS232 or CAN OBD ECU connection

Dimensions: 95x75x30 mm

The Solo DL GPS lap timer comes with:
-230 V charger
-USB PC download cable
-built 3-axis G-force sensor
-mounting bracket
-GPS Manager and Race Studio Analysis software
-ECU Connection cable, choose the appropriate cable below:

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AIM Solo DL GPS race lap timer / logger / performance meter is suitable as a lap timer for motorcycles, scooters, in (rally) cars, boats or other vehicles. The Solo has a built-in high-accuracy GPS receiver 10 Hz with which lap time, position, distance traveled, driven lines, velocity and acceleration are stored in the memory. The lap timer is programmed to add the actual start / finish line of the major European circuits but of course you can also add your own circuits. All data can be downloaded and analyzed on the PC and also be imported into Google Earth. Of course, the data can also be read back on the display.
You can decide what information you want to display on the screen.

The Solo DL can also be connected via an ECU connection to many engine management systems of cars and motorcycles. This allows many additional channels to be logged by connecting only two wires. The additional number of channels depends on the vehicle, such as engine speed, throttle position, water temperature, etc. The AIM SoloDL GPS lap timer can be used with a (plug and play) cable connected to Honda CBR600 / 1000, Yamaha R1 / R6, Suzuki GSX-R models, Aprilia RSV BMW S1000R, Kawasaki ZX6 / 10 KIT, Ducati, Triumph, Ignitech, KMS, Vortex Cross eCUs and many others. You can see what ECUs are supported in the configuration of Race Studio (see Downloads below).
It is also possible to connect an AIM wideband lambda sensor on the SoloDL. The lambda data is then logged by the SoloDL.

In addition, the Solo DL GPS lap timer can perform acceleration tests (0-100 km / h, 0-400 meter 0-1000 meters). Also, the Solo DL is suitable for the measurement of times on a non-closed circuit in which the start line and finish line are not on the same point (for example, at or rallys or sprints).

Despite its many features, the Solo DL is easy to operate.

Note: ECU connection cable for SoloDL is included, indicate which type of cable you need when you order above.
If you want to know if for your engine / model a special cable is available, please contact us.


GPS manager
GPS Manager 2.03.26 software (05-11-2015) ->GPSManager_20326_151105_WEB.exe
RaceStudio 2
Race Studio Software (Windows 98/2000/ME) ->RS2_22131_070803_WEB.exe
RaceStudio 2
Videomanual zoomfunction graphs ->movie_RS2_24204_110329_zooming2.avi
RaceStudio 2
Release history Race Studio Software 15-03-2015 ->RS2_release_history.pdf
RaceStudio 2
RaceStudio 2.55.32 (Windows XP/Vista/7/8) 5-10-15 ->RS2_25532_151005_WEB.exe
Firmware Auto-Motor systems
Firmware MXL/Evo3/Evo4/Solo+ Slaves (3-7-2015) ->AIM_Firmware_Updater_030715_WEB.exe
AIM Solo GPS datalogger.pdf ->AIM Solo GPS datalogger.pdf

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CAN + RS232, OBD, ECU Cable BMW S1000RR, ECU Cable Ducati 848-899-1098-1198-1199, ECU Cable Suzuki GSX-R SDS, ECU Cable Suzuki RMZ 250 (10->) – 450 (08->), ECU Cable Yamaha R1 04-08 – R6 06-13, ECU Cable Yamaha R1 09-13, ECU Cable Yamaha R6 04-05, ECU Cable Vortex 2015, ECU Cable Honda CBR, ECU Cable Yamaha R1-R1M 2015