2018 Cartagena spring training registration form

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By submitting this form to pay the entry fee of € 349,00 within 3 days after registration onto the German bank account 315101 at the Niederrheinische Sparkasse RheinLippe (Nispa) in the name of SMD / Docshop Racing Zevenaar NL, stating "2017 OW CUP NK-SPRINGTRAINING". (IBAN: DE 88 3565 0000 0000 3151 01 BIC: WELADED1WES).
You will receive a confirmation of participation and an invoice for the total amount.

My participation in this training is at my own risk; I waive any liability position of the organizer (Docshop Sports, Docshop Racing, DARE). I guarantee that my motorcycle, which I will use in this training is in an absolutely safe condition and complies with all legal requirements. I have insurance for medical expenses domestic and abroad and I accept all the conditions of participation and liability irrevocably by submitting this form. My registration is not valid until the total registration amount has been paid and a confirmation of my participation by the organisation has been received; if I am unable to take part, for whatever reason, I have no right to a refund of the entry fee(349,00 Euro). Exceptions only by decision of the organization.

.... If you do not see a confirmation screen after you submit this form, please look above if you forgot to fill one of the fields (a red text will show beneath the required field) ....

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